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Volendam is a Dutch town known for its streets, colorful wooden houses, and fishing boats at the harbor. With so many things to do in the town and surrounding areas, Volendam is a popular destination and a day trip from Amsterdam that is worth the short journey. Explore the town at your own pace by renting a bike for your needs and find out what makes the town a must-visit location.

Why Rent a Bike in Volendam?

Volendam Bike Rental
  • Explore at your own pace: How does a relaxing bike round through the city center sound before heading to one of the quaint nearby villages?
  • Best way to get around: Cars might not be your best friend when you want to explore the city. Instead, opt for the cost-effective bike rental to truly enjoy your trip.
  • Experience local life: Renting a bike is a great way to experience nature, interact with local folks you meet, and discover new cultures.
  • Build connections: Whether you're traveling with your family, or even with friends, renting a bike is a great excuse to spend time together and explore the city.

Explore Volendam

Volendam Museum
Palingsound Museum
Saint Vincent Church
Volendam Bike Rental

A historical museum, the Volendam Museum, is home to life-size botters and ship models and the traditional Volendam costumes, paintings, photos, maps, and historical interiors exhibition that show what it was like to live in Volendam between 1850 and 1950. You don't want to miss the cigar band house, a spectacular mosaic made of over 11 million cigar bands!

Volendam Bike Rentals

Visit the Palingsound Museum and learn about the small Dutch village that developed its unique musical sound that has witnessed over 40 years of international success. Get into the 100-year history of Volendam's musical legacy. Also visit Rob Cerneüs's bronze sculptures, a prominent fixture in several municipalities, known for their beautiful stories and unique world view.

Volendam Bike Rentals

Visit the Simonehoeve, open 365 days a year, and go on a free tour to learn how cheese and clogs are made. Get your hands dirty by making your clogs and cheese at their workshops. And if you're feeling adventurous enough, you can also take part in the cheese-tasting competition! Don't miss your chance to join the ice cream-making workshop, visit a real windmill, make DIY candles and macrame art, and learn folk dance.

Volendam Bike Rental

Visit the 15th-century Great Church or Saint Vincent Church, a magnificent church of impressive dimensions that resembles a large cathedral than a church. Admire the various design elements that adorn the majestic church, including the unique brass works, a large organ from the 17th century, and beautiful stained glass windows.

Plan Your Visit to Volendam


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Getting There

  • By Metro: 52
    Nearest Stop: Noord
  • By Bus: 316, 110, 112
    Nearest Stop: Katwoude
  • By Car: 20.9 km via N247
Volendam Bike Rental
  • Explore the village: When biking around the village and surrounding areas, you can follow the suggested route or even take your own path.
  • Safety first: Ensure that the bike you get is the one that you booked. Make sure to ask for a helmet in case you need one.
  • Guided tour: When booking your tickets, opt for a guided tour to make the most of the experience and learn about Volendam's rich history and culture.
  • Map out restaurants: Whether you choose the suggested route or choose your own path, make sure you map out restaurants and other rest stops on the way.
Volendam Bike Rental

Frequently Asked Questions About Volendam Bike Rental Tickets

How to book Volendam bike rental tickets?

You can purchase Volendam bike rental tickets online. Booking online and in advance ensures a hassle-free experience.

Why should I book Volendam bike rental tickets online?

Booking your Volendam bike rental tickets online ensures that you have a guaranteed bike ride. You can also choose from various options, avail discounts and offers, and get 24/7 customer service, all features you would not be able to avail of by booking tickets at the venue.

What do Volendam bike rental tickets include?

A standard Volendam bike rental ticket includes the bike, safety accessories, and a suggested route. You can also opt for a guided tour.

What can I see in Volendam?

Volendam is known for its colorful houses and scenic harbors. By renting a bike, you can explore the Dutch countryside, meet the locals, and get a firsthand experience of the Dutch traditions and culture. You can also visit the Volendam Museum, Palingsound Museum, Simonehoeve cheese and clog factory, and the Saint Vincent Church on your route.

Is renting a bike to explore Volendam worth it?

Yes! With so many things to do in Volendam and surrounding areas, the town is a must-visit if you're visiting near Amsterdam. Explore the countryside at your own pace and learn about the Dutch culture firsthand.

What's the best route to bike through to explore Volendam?

Your tickets include a scenic route you can bike through. However, you are free to choose other routes as well based on Volendam local attractions that you would like to explore.