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I amsterdam City Card: Canal Cruise, Public Transport And Attractions Entry

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  • Explore the best of Amsterdam seamlessly with this handy I amsterdam City Card.
  • Gain access to 70+ fascinating attractions over the course of 24, 48, 72, 96, or 120 hours (depending on the option chosen).
  • Your card includes access to the famed Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum, Windmill de Kat, Eye Filmmuseum, Portuguese Synagogue, and a blissful 1-hour canal cruise. Plus, much more!
  • Along with entry to popular attractions, you will also benefit from unlimited access to the city’s public transport (tram and bus only) so you can get around in a hassle-free manner.
  • Find your way more easily around the city and get to know about the latest events with a free copy of Amsterdam magazine and a city map.
  • Save up to 40% on access to attractions, discounts at cafes, bike rentals, and much more!
  • Note: If the card doesn't activate after redeeming your voucher at the redemption point, you're entitled to a refund.
  • Unlimited access to the city's public transport (bus, tram, and metro).
  • 1-hour canal cruise.
  • Entry to 70+ attractions.
  • A complimentary copy of Amsterdam magazine.
  • A complimentary city map.
  • Because of current safety measures you are now required to book time slots before visiting City Card venues. This also includes visits to restaurants and bars.
  • The I amsterdam City Card allows you to comfortably visit the attractions of your choice over the course of 24, 48, 72, 96, or 120 hours (depending on the option chosen at checkout).
  • Enjoy an extended ticket validity until 31 Dec 2022.
  • All discounts at restaurants and cafes are valid for the calendar year 2022.
  • You can cancel these tickets up to 24 hours before the experience begins and get a full refund.

Located in Amsterdam, the Johan Cruyff Arena is a soccer stadium with a capacity of around 55000 people. Earlier known as Amsterdam Arena, the stadium is home to the Dutch National Soccer team and football club AFC Ajax. It was renamed to pay tribute to Johan Cruyff, one of the greatest soccer stars ever. The retractable-roof stadium has hosted top-level soccer games, including the 1998 UEFA Champions League Final.

Visit Johan Cruijff ArenA in Amsterdam | Book Johan Cruijff ArenA Tour Tickets

Johan Cruijff Arena is the largest football stadium in the Netherlands. It is also known as Amsterdam Ajax Stadium because the stadium serves as the home of AFC Ajax, one of the greatest soccer clubs in Europe. Designed by Dutch architect Rob Schuurman. The stadium resembles a flying saucer, and the stairwells are interconnected like shoelaces. In 2018, Johan Cruijff Arena Amsterdam was named after Dutch football legend Johan Cruijff and it happens to be one of the most sustainable stadiums in the world. To visit Johan Cruijff Arena book your tickets online for a stadium tour or a combo tour. Read on to know more about your ticket options and other information would need to fully discover the Johan Cruijff Arena. 

Your Johan Cruijff ArenA Tickets Explained

Johan Cruijff ArenA Tickets

Johan Cruijff ArenA Stadium Tour

  • Book your Johan Cruijff ArenA Stadium Tour tickets to enjoy an extensive guided tour of one of the world’s most renowned football stadiums, Johan Cruijff Arena, which was earlier known as Amsterdam Arena, home of the Dutch National Soccer team and football club AFC Ajax.
  • It is a 75 minute guided tour with exclusive access to restricted areas such as the manager’s dugout, the press room, and the mixed zone. Spend your time exploring the fascinating exhibits in the Gallery of Fame or enjoying the brilliant virtual reality experience.
  • Enjoy the thrill of walking down the players’ tunnel and stepping into the dressing rooms that were once used by famous football legends like Wesley Sneijder and Dennis Bergkamp.
Johan Cruijff ArenA Tickets

Combo Tour

  • Make the best of your visit to Amsterdam with these Johan Cruijff ArenA Stadium Combo Tour tickets that offer you the Johan Cruijff ArenA Stadium Tour along with an hour-long Amsterdam Canal Cruise.
  • This popular ticket choice is a money and time saver combo. It provides you access and a guided tour of the Johan Cruijff Arena and a 1-hour Amsterdam Canal Cruise through the UNESCO-listed canal district of Amsterdam.
  • Get amazing insights from the expert guide who will take you through the dugout and the famous pitch, and give you an amazing tour of the stadium. Enjoy the Canal Cruise as your drift past elegant houses and under romantic bridges while the audio guide makes your experience all the more interesting.

Discounted Johan Cruijff ArenA Tickets

Book your tickets online to enjoy discounted Johan Cruijff ArenA Tickets. Purchasing your tickets online helps you enjoy free tickets for Infants from age 0 to 4 while children under 13 get to enjoy discounted prices. For more details please check your tickets before purchasing.

What is the Best Way to Buy Johan Cruijff ArenA Stadium Tour Tickets? Book Online

The best way to buy Johan Cruijff ArenA Stadium Tour tickets is to purchase the tickets online and enjoy the multiple advantages of online booking.

  • Advance Reservations: Booking your tickets online helps you reserve your slots in advance which ensures your entry to the attraction, even during peak hours. Advance booking also helps you book your slots for the time you prefer, making your experience all the more enjoyable.
  • Convenience: Booking your tickets online helps you avoid the trouble of wasting time in long queues in front of the attraction, as you get confirmed tickets from your home or while on the go. It is also the perfect solution for ensuring access to the attraction for those who love making last-minute plans.
  • Discounted Tickets: Booking your tickets online helps you enjoy a discounted price on your tickets to the attraction, making your experience all the more enjoyable.   

Johan Cruijff ArenA Highlights

Johan Cruijff ArenA Tickets


You can enjoy a guided tour that includes the manager's dugout and the football pitch. Get exclusive access to areas reserved for players and officials. You can walk through the players' tunnel and dressing room. Also included is a visit to the fascinating exhibits in the Gallery of Fame and the brilliant virtual reality experience.

Johan Cruijff ArenA Tickets


Johan Cruyff Arena is dubbed as the stadium of the future for its impact on society and zero CO2 emission. Apart from football games, Johan Cruijff Arena hosts business events and concerts. The stadium also contributes to the smart city of Amsterdam through its social responsibility initiatives.

Johan Cruijff ArenA Tickets

Pitch, Dug-out & Stand

On a VIP tour visitors can experience the pitch, dug-out, and stand of Johan Cruijff Arena. You can view the pitch from the upper level, and visit the Ajax locker room where top footballers get ready for the match. Walk through the players' tunnel like the pro footballers that were once used by famous football legends like Wesley Sneijder and Dennis Bergkamp.

Johan Cruijff ArenA Tickets


Skylounge or sky room is the facility to get the best view of the Johan Cruijff Arena pitch. This VIP access is ideal for business and private meetings. You can pre-book this experience for events or a period of one year. You can enjoy drinks, snacks, and dinner in Skylounge.

Plan Your Visit to Johan Cruijff ArenA

Covid-19 Guidelines
Getting There
Visitor Tips
  • Visitors are requested to book their tickets online to help the authorities with better crowd management.
  • Entry to the stadium is allowed through the main entrance ‘E’. The use of revolving doors ensures the avoidance of incidents of crowding.
  • Guests are required to Disinfect hands on arrival and after the tour.
  • To ensure the safety of the visitors and the guests, the administration of the Johan Cruyff Arena has taken up steps to ensure sanitization and cleanliness.
Johan Cruijff ArenA Tickets

Monday to Friday: 7 AM and 6 PM.

Saturday to Sunday: 9 AM to 6 PM. 

Note: On the day of an Ajax match, the stadium opens 1.5 hours before the start, while the main entrance E is open 2.5 hours before the match. 

Closed On: Game days, special days

Last Entry: For some guided tours last tour departs at 4.30 PM

Johan Cruijff ArenA Tickets
  • Address: Johan Cruijff Boulevard 1, 1100 DL Amsterdam, Netherlands. Find on maps
  • By Bus: Bus Routes: 120, 300, 41
    Nearest Bus Stops: Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena, Station Bijlmer Arena and Amsterdam, Station Bijlmer Arena (Perron B)
  • By Metro: Metro Lines: Metro lines 50 and 54
    Nearest Metro Station: Bijlmer Arena station
  • By Train: Train Routes: IC & SPR
    Nearest Train Station: Bijlmer Arena station 
  • By Car:  Distance From Airport: 12.2kms
  • Car Parking: P1-the Transferium, under the stadium.
Johan Cruijff ArenA Tickets
  • Visitors can enjoy hot and cold drinks such as Heineken Pils and Heineken 0.0%, Coca-cola, and other soft drinks. Other drinks include Coffee, Cappucino, tea, and hot chocolate.
  • Food establishments available in the stadium are Kick's fresh sandwiches, Catering Club for fries and snacks, Vietnamese spring rolls at Mr. Long, Dutch snacks at Food Salon Snacks, Hotdogs, and afternoon snacks at Kiosk drink and bites, freshly brewed coffee at the coffee cart.
  • Some of the restaurants you can eat at that are near the stadium are: Brasserie Ajax, Restaurant ON5TH by Lute, Restaurant Glasgow '72 Lounge, House of Legends.
Johan Cruijff ArenA Tickets
  • Visitors in a wheelchair can opt for lifts. Lifts go up to the top level. Lifts can be accessed from Main entrance E and goal-side entrances B and H.
  • A Special platform on the Northside of the Stadium permits seating for the disabled. The seats are between the first and second rings behind the goals. Blind and visually impaired visitors coming to see the games can listen to a special radio commentary.
  • Guide and service dogs are welcome. You need to request in advance to bring your pet companion. 
Johan Cruijff ArenA Tickets
  • Purchase your tickets online to enjoy the advantages of online booking and enjoy the additionals discounts on ticket prices.
  • Escalators are the easy way to navigate within the stadium. Find escalators in the main entrance E and entrances A, C, G, J, and M.
  • The stadium has no locker facility. The limited number of locker points allows you to store belongings for free.
  • Visitors are not allowed to bring food or drinks from outside.
  • Cameras are allowed for personal purposes, but selfie sticks are banned.
  • You cannot smoke inside the stadium. It is a non-smoking zone.
  • Only A4-size bags are allowed inside the stadium.

All Your Questions About Johan Cruijff ArenA Tickets Answered

Q. What is the price of Johan Cruijff ArenA tickets?

A. Johan Cruijff ArenA tour tickets are available in various price ranges, starting from €16. Please make sure to check your ticket details before purchasing, as each ticket comes with its own unique features and facilities.

Q. Where can I buy Johan Cruijff ArenA tickets?

A. Johan Cruijff Arena tickets are available online.

Q. Can I buy Johan Cruijff ArenA tickets online?

A. Yes, Johan Cruijff Arena tickets are available to buy online.

Q. With the Johan Cruijff ArenA tickets, how long do I get to spend at the Stadium?

A. The duration of your visit at the Johan Cruijff ArenA depends on the tour ticket you have purchased or the kind of visit you want. The Johan Cruijff ArenA guided tours take about 75 minutes.

Q. Are discounts available on Johan Cruijff ArenA tickets?

A. Yes, discounts are available on Johan Cruijff ArenA tour tickets. Make sure to book your  Johan Cruijff ArenA tour tickets online to enjoy the discounted price. For more information, please make sure to check your ticket details before purchasing.

Q. What is Johan Cruijff ArenA?

A. Johan Cruijff ArenA is the biggest stadium in Amsterdam, Netherlands, named after the great Dutch footballer Johan Cruijff. It is the home of Dutch National football teams and the European football club AFC Ajax.

Q. Which areas does my Johan Cruijff ArenA ticket provide access to?

A. On a Johan Cruijff ArenA stadium tour, you can visit the pitch, dug-out, players' locker rooms, gallery, and players' tunnel.

Q. Where is Johan Cruijff ArenA located?

A. Johan Cruijff ArenA is in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Q. What is Johan Cruijff ArenA famous for?

Johan Cruijff ArenA is a sustainable football stadium home to Netherlands National soccer team and football club AFC Ajax.

Q. Is it safe to visit Johan Cruijff ArenA tour post-COVID?

A. Yes, visiting Johan Cruijff ArenA is safe post-Covid-19 as it follows all the updated Covid guidelines and safety measures.

Q. Is Johan Cruijff ArenA open?

A. Yes, Johan Cruijff ArenA is open for visitors.

Q. Is Johan Cruijff ArenA worth visiting?

A. Yes, Johan Cruijff Arena is one of the most famous football stadiums in the world. It hosts several important football matches and events, making it an attraction that is worth visiting