Rijksmuseum Visitor Tips | Things To Do, Know Before You Go & More

With over 80 galleries that house over 800 years worth of Dutch art and history, the Rijksmuseum is a must-visit in Amsterdam for its unique artworks, including works by Van Gogh, Vermeer, Rembrandt, and Frans Hals. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to plan your trip and make the best of your visit.

Top 9 Rijksmuseum Travel Tips & Hacks

Rijksmuseum Tips
Rijksmuseum Tips

2. Make an itinerary

Some halls are very crowded whereas others are virtually empty. We recommend arriving early and heading to the second floor to catch a glimpse of The Night Watch first, then to the Eregalerij for other Vermeer and Golden Age works before heading to the other galleries.

Rijksmuseum Tips

3. Download multimedia tours

The What's On section on the Rijksmuseum website has several free multimedia tours available for both Android and Apple devices that will make your visit more informative.

Rijksmuseum Tips

4. Download the Rijksmuseum app

With 80 galleries, the Rijksmuseum is huge and easy to get lost in. Keep the Rijksmuseum app handy for maps and other tools that will make your visit less of a hassle.

Rijksmuseum Tips
Rijksmuseum Tips

6. Make use of accessibility guides

The Rijksmuseum has sign language guided tours, tactile tours, and guided tours for special needs children. If you or someone you are travelling with can make use of these facilities, ask for it at the help desk near for a more rewarding visit.

Rijksmuseum Tips

7. Dine at the Rijksmuseum

There are several coffee corners, a cafe, and a restaurant inside the Rijksmuseum. Outside food and drink is not allowed inside the museum so stop by these if you're hungry. While the cafe is open everyday from 9 AM to 6 PM, the restaurant is only open during lunch hours from Wednesday to Sunday and during dinner hours from Tuesday to Sunday.

Rijksmuseum Tips

8. Visit nearby attractions

You can make the most of your experience by visiting nearby attractions, such as the Anne Frank House, the Stedelijk Museum, the Van Gogh Museum, or the MOCO Museum. There are several combo tickets and tour options available so make sure to book those when you're visiting multiple attractions.

Rijksmuseum Tips

9. Use the cloakroom facilities

Only small bags are allowed inside the Rijksmuseum. For a hassle-free experience, store away your coats, umbrellas, and bags in the free cloakroom. However, if you have larger items, you can store them at the Lockerpoint at the Museum Square.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rijksmuseum Tips & Hacks

When should I visit the Rijksmuseum?

The best time to visit the Rijksmuseum is in the morning at 9 AM or late afternoon after 3 PM.

Is there anything I should avoid carrying with me when I visit the Rijksmuseum?

Don't carry large items, weapons, alcohol, blunt objects, large photography equipment, and outside food and drinks when you visit the Rijksmuseum.

What facilities are present at the Rijksmuseum?

The Rijksmuseum has accessible restrooms, Wi-Fi access, a gift shop, cloakroom facilities, a cafe, and a restaurant.

Are there any restaurants at the Rijksmuseum?

Yes, the Michelin star Rijks Restaurant is in the Philips Wing. There is also a cafe in the Atrium. While the cafe is open on all days from 9 AM to 6 PM, the restaurant is only open from Wednesday to Sunday during lunch hours and from Tuesday to Sunday during dinner hours.

Can I shop at the Rijksmuseum?

Yes, the Rijksmuseum does have a gift shop in the Teekenschool, next to the main building. Alternatively, you can also shop from the online Rijksmuseum souvenir shop.

Is there a restroom at the Rijksmuseum?

Yes, there are several accessible restrooms within the Rijksmuseum.

Should I go on a guided tour of the Rijksmuseum?

The guided tours provide a deeper and more insightful understanding of the history and the major artworks at the Rijksmuseum. The guides are available in English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian.

What other landmarks can I see around the Rijksmuseum?

You can visit the Anne Frank House, the Stedelijk Museum, the Van Gogh Museum, or the MOCO Museum, all of which are near the Rijksmuseum.

Do I need ID proof to enter the Rijksmuseum?

No, you do not need ID proof to enter the Rijksmuseum unless you plan to avail the free or discounted entry tickets. Tickets to the Rijksmuseum is free to those under 18 and for for Friends of Rijksmuseum, for holders of I Amsterdam City Card, ICOM, Vereniging Rembrandt, KOG, VVAK, and VriendenLoterij VIP-KAART. Discounted tickets are also available for CJP and EYCA members.